Bouldering is a great way to get into the sport of climbing! Climb walls up to 4.5 meters tall, without the need for a rope or harness. This is a fun and exciting challenge for everyone - from complete beginners to seasoned pros!

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Bouldering is accessible! You don’t need expensive gear or any previous climbing experience to get started. All you need is yourself, the wall, and a pair of shoes - we can provide the last two!



All fitness levels can participate! Building technique and strength on easier problems to get you started and off the ground is the way to progress. We can give you advice and coaching to take your skills to the next level, or you can join one of our socials and learn together as a group.

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Bouldering is an awesome workout! As well as training arm muscle, finger muscle and core strength, bouldering is a great cardio activity - it gives your legs a great workout as well.


Climbing and Bouldering are great for mental health & training. You’re not just training your body, you’re developing problem solving and focusing skills that can be applied off the wall in everyday life. Bouldering is a great reliever of stress as well - the focus required to climb forces us to stay present, and develops whole body awareness. There’s no space for worry or thoughts about work when you’re on the wall. Bouldering releases endorphins just like other physical activities as well!

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grow YOUR friend group!

You’ll make friends along the way. Bouldering is a community oriented sport - it’s a great way to meet like-minded and active people. It also presents us with a unique opportunity to take those new friendships out into the great outdoors - although most people start bouldering in a gym, the crags outside can be even more rewarding, with beautiful destinations and shared outdoor memories! We’re proud to be a home and a hub for the climbing community.


Bouldering is a fun and equally rewarding alternative to going the gym. Get all the gains without most of the pains! Our memberships are competitive, from only £25 you gain access to unlimited bouldering as well as a host of benefits from free rentals to discounts in our shop and cafe, find out more below!

Frequently asked questions

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All our activities require waivers for all participants. Please make sure you've signed this before turning up for any activities. If you'll be supervising under 18s or novice climbers on either the bouldering or tall walls you'll also need to fill out a Supervisor Waiver in addition to the individual's waiver.

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